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Quick decision-making, dedicated management in Germany and the USA that actively support the business - a combination that gives the KanAm Group a competitive advantage.

Managing directors

Dr. Michael Birnbaum

KanAm International GmbH

After receiving his doctorate in history and a degree from the Deutsche Journalistenschule, Munich, Michael Birnbaum was editor and correspondent, among others at Reuters and the Süddeutsche Zeitung, before entering the business world in 2000, holding senior positions at EM.TV AG and Falke Bank AG. Since joining the KanAm Group in 2004, Michael Birnbaum has held several positions as managing director.


Karlheinz Fichtl

KanAm International GmbH, KanAm Finanzberatung GmbH, KanAm Grundbesitz GmbH

After completing his professional banking qualification (Bankkaufmann) at the Stadtsparkasse (municipal savings bank) in Munich, Mr. Fichtl worked from 1969 to 1974 in a commercial capacity with Arnold Becker Textilgrosshandlung und Eisen und Metall AG (Munich), Interhobby Hotelgesellschaft mbH & Co. Anlage KG (Munich), and corporate consultant Treurechnung GmbH (Munich). In 1975 Mr. Fichtl moved to the KanAm Group, was made an authorized signatory of the company in 1976, became a managing director in 1985 and has been a partner in various KanAm companies since 1986.


Dr. Frank N. Winkel

KanAm International GmbH

After studying law at several German universities and in Berkeley, CA/USA, Dr. Winkel graduated and became junior researcher at Max-Planck-Institut for intellectual property rights. For 18 years Dr. Winkel was partner in one of the leading economic lawyers' offices in Munich before he became managing partner of a mid-sized developer company. Since October 2006 he is managing director of KanAm International GmbH and since 2008 he is also managing director of KanAm Real GmbH.


James C. Braithwaite

KanAm USA L.L.C.

From 1964 to 1971 Mr. Braithwaite was Director of International Paper Realty Inc. in Chicago, USA. In 1971 he became regional vice president of Aetna Life Insurance Inc. in Atlanta and in 1973 executive president of Glasmacher Inc. in Atlanta. Since 1980 Mr. Braithwaite has been a managing director and partner of KanAm L.L.C. and of other KanAm companies.


T. Kent Hammond

KanAm USA L.L.C.

From 1981 to 1986 Mr. Hammond worked as auditor and tax advisor (CPA) with Ernst & Young, one of the world's leading firms of auditors and tax advisors. In 1986 Mr. Hammond joined the KanAm Group in Atlanta as a managing director. Since 2001 he has been a partner in various KanAm companies.